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Cambodia child justice program

In 2015-2017, the World Congress provided funding to Children’s Rights International to hold two National Conferences in Cambodia, each attended by up to 200 judges, prosecutors and other leaders in the judicial system to achieve the necessary shared commitment of senior leaders. The conferences included expert-led discussion in open forum, common interest groups working on specific topics, and plenary sessions to develop recommendations. The outcome of the conference was specific recommendations on agenda topics and a road map forward with an agreed timetable and milestones.

Seed funds for PEKKA education scholarships

Pemberdayaan Perempuan Kepala Keluarga or PEKKA is an Indonesian civil society organisation that supports women heads of household in 19 provinces through programs aimed at education, health, access to justice, microfinance and women’s leadership in the community.

PEKKA members are amongst the poorest of the poor. Almost half (49%) of PEKKA households are represented in the poorest 20% of Indonesian society with an income close to the Indonesian poverty line of Rp 270,000 (AUD27) per person per month.

With this income, it is almost impossible for PEKKA heads of household to support their children to continue to senior high school and university. The World Congress is funding PEKKA Education Scholarships to support children of PEKKA women who intended to study law or education at university senior high school (SMA) vocational training (SMK) with a focus on nursing.