indigo foundation

Education for empowerment in Afghanistan

World Congress is providing valuable support for indigo foundation’s schools program in Afghanistan.

indigo foundation has worked in partnership with the Borjegai community for over a decade to fund teacher training, text books and the construction and furnishing of five schools (including a Girl’s High School which taught 750 girls in a day) in the remote region.

During that time, High School graduates have increased from zero to over 700. The university entrance exam pass rate is over 75% – unheard of for a remote community. 20% of tertiary graduates are women and there are now eighteen female teachers. Borjegai schools are recognised by the Afghani government as a model to follow.

Unlike a decade ago, a girl born in Borjegai today will be able to go school, her school will be safe and furnished and she will have clean water and access to separate toilet. She will be taught by female teachers and it will even be within her reach to go to university in Kabul.

With support from the World Congress, we are now embarking on a new partnership with the neighbouring community of Jirghai.

The people of Jirghai have historically suffered from geographic isolation and systemic discrimination. The majority of the population do not have access to safe roads, health clinics and safe drinking water. Only four of the 21 schools have proper buildings – most operate under tents or in empty houses – and none of the schools have furniture or access to sufficiently clean water or separate toilets.

The first stage of the project is partnering with the Jirghai community to rebuild Shebar High School, a co-ed school with approximately 450 students (35% girls) who attend in two shifts. The School currently operates under tents and a number of damaged shops nearby the central market.