Children’s Rights International (CRI)


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Children's Rights International (CRI)

Children’s Rights International (CRI) was established under the auspices of the World Congress at the 2001 Bath World Congress. The Hon. Alastair Nicholson AO RFD QC is the Patron and Chair of CRI.

CRI brings together lawyers, lawyer educators, lawyer organizations and associated professional groups in a co-operative effort to provide assistance for children through legal advocacy, advocacy of policy and legislative change and education.

CRI’s mission is to promote, protect and advance the human rights of children, primarily in developing countries, and to promote understanding of, adherence to and effective implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCROC).

To achieve these objectives the organization works with the approval of host country governments and in partnership with host country organisations or community groups committed to the rights of children. Such work may be project based and involve education, training, mentoring, monitoring and representation.

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Funds from the Congress have funded past CRI projects that have:

  • provided professional support for lawyers in South Africa working on a case that challenges the constitutionality of life imprisonment for young people aged less than 18 years at the time of the commission of the offence;
  • Given professional support to Legal Aid Cambodia to develop a submission to the European Commission to fund a juvenile justice programme in Battanbang Province. The Є110,000 funding received funds legal advice to child and juvenile offenders held in Cambodian prisons;
  • Seen CRI partner with the Lasallian Foundation in Tamil Nadu, India to produce a film on the impact of extreme poverty and social disenfranchisement on children, including aids orphans, effected by the tsunami.  This work also provided the very poor with basic human rights such as a right to education, a safe place to live and medical treatment.
  • raised funds for the Christal House School, Cape Town. South Africa to help children break the cycle of poverty and cope with violence, neglect, HIV/AIDS and other diseases as well as unemployment, illiteracy and substance abuse
  • supported the Nyankongo Youth Group in Kenya in their work to (a) produce low cost coffins for the victims of AIDS with the small profits returned to Group members and (b) educate the community as to the risk of female genital mutilation through funding to purchase land to construct a factory/workshop and for initial construction work.

CRI continues to provide training and experience for international professionals working in the field of children’s rights.  Recently CRI facilitated an internship with the Victorian Children’s Court and Victorian Legal Aid to provide Cambodian legal aid lawyers with training and experience in alternative sentencing techniques for child and juvenile offenders.