Our Partners

Children’s Rights International (CRI) also seeks to bring together eminent judges, lawyers, psychologists, medical practitioners, mediators, counsellors, mental health workers, media representatives, child carers, teachers & allied professionals to share and contribute their specialised knowledge and experience in a practical manner to protect and advance the interests of children.

In 2015, PEKKA partnered with the Indigo Foundation and the World Congress on Family Law and Children’s Rights to establish and develop a sustainable fund to support children in communities where PEKKA works with scholarships to continue their senior high school and university education.

One of the requirements for school, and particularly university, enrolment is a birth certificate for the child. The PEKKA organisation has provided training to hundreds of its members across Indonesia on working as paralegals to provide legal information and assistance. Over the last three years, PEKKA paralegal members have assisted over 100,000 children, women and men to obtain legal identity documents.

indigo foundation is an innovative and independent community development organisation based in Australia.

Community-led and volunteer-based, indigo foundation looks at development differently. We commit ourselves to long-term respectful partnerships and provide support within a framework of four guiding principles: community ownership, sustainability, transparency and equity.

indigo foundation works with some of the most marginalised communities around the world. We currently support twelve projects across nine countries, including Afghanistan, Indonesia, South Sudan and Uganda. Our projects are community-led and focus on education, women’s empowerment, health and cultural strengthening.

Over the past 15 years indigo foundation has built a strong reputation for delivering transformative and cost-effective results.